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professional tree surgeons

4th D Landscape Services Ltd offers professional dedicated tree surgery teams, operating comprehensive tree and woodland management services throughout the South East. Our tree surgeons undertake a superior quality of work in every aspect of arboriculture, from small private client works to large commercial and local authority contracts.


As tree surgeons we offer sound and honest advice on the many and diverse projects undertaken by our clients. We undertake a full range of tree surgery services: consultancy and reports, deadwood pruning, crown thinning, crown reduction pruning, removal of dead and dangerous trees, tree felling, pollarding, formative pruning, stump grinding, supply and planting of trees.


Our customers include Local Authorities, Structural Engineers, Highway Authorities, Private Estates, Builders and Developers and many private individuals.


We undertake are all aspects of tree and hedge planting, as well as renovating old hedges. We offer professional advice on what type of hedge is best for your needs, and for the location, aspect and soil type.


We can supply any type of hedging that you require, from small whips to fully mature instant hedging of almost any size. We also provide all types of tree guard and tree protection against rabbits, deer and livestock.


Please contact our office if you require further information


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